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October 9 - 15, 2000,
Hotel Kastély, Tihany,
Lake Balaton, Hungary

Airport Minibus connection to Tihany hotels:
Tel: (+36 1) 296 8555

Transportation possibility by Airport Minibus for those whose arrival and departure schedule does not fit with the ISMD2000 shuttle buses.

Budapest-Tihany   or   Tihany-Budapest

Minibus for max.   8 persons about 30,000 HUF (*) cca 100 USD/bus
Minibus for max. 11 persons about 32,000 HUF (*) cca 108 USD/bus
Minibus for max. 20 persons about 42,000 HUF (*) cca 140 USD/bus

(*) The prices are charged on the basis of km, so they can be subject to minor changes, depending on itinerary or traffic, but these changes are not significant.
This is a reliable way for transportation, it is recommended by by the organisers. Using a taxi between Budapest and Tihany can be overly expensive and unreliable, it is strongly discouraged! Payment for the Airport Minibus can be done by cash in HUF at any time and by credit card at the hospitality desk of Airport Minibus Service at Ferihegy terminals 2A or 2B.

When travelling back to Budapest from Tihany with an Airport Minibus, advance reservation is needed 3 days prior to departure. Return eservations will be co-ordinated by the staff of Diamond Congress at the site of the conference.

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