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[logo] 30th

October 9 - 15, 2000,
Hotel Kastély, Tihany,
Lake Balaton, Hungary

Sessions and Session Organizers:
Astroparticle physics:
J. Morfin, N. Schmitz ,

Correlations and fluctuations (Theory):
T. Csörgö, I.M. Dremin ,

Correlations and fluctuations (Experiment):
B. Buschbeck, W. Kittel ,

CP violation in multiparticle dynamics:
T. D. Lee, D. Kharzeev

Diffractive production and small-x physics:
A. De Roeck, K. Goulianos,

Hadronic final states in e+ e-, lh and hh :
E. A. De Wolf, G. Gustafson ,

Relativistic heavy ion collisions (Theory):
M. Gyulassy, J. Zimányi ,

Relativistic heavy ion collisions (Experiment):
P. Seyboth, W. A. Zajc ,

Interplay between soft and hard phenomena:
Yu. Dokshitzer, I. Sarcevic ,

QCD in multiparticle production:
W. Ochs, R. Venugopalan,

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