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October 9 - 15, 2000,
Hotel Kastély, Tihany,
Lake Balaton, Hungary

Third Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking forward to your forthcoming visit to

30-th International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics:

ISMD 2000

where both theoretists and experimentalists will present recent findings on multiparticle dynamics in hadronic final states of all types of high energy collisions. We hope to define new directions of experimental and theoretical investigation through formal as well as informal discussion during this meeting, as well as to review and compare the state of art of these fields in various high energy reactions.


    Please make sure your passport is not expired and you have your visa (if required). If you have not yet done so, act as soon as possible, as the immigration policy to Hungary changed recently to a more burocratic and slower form than usual. If you need help or assistance with receiving Hungarian visa, please contact asap Mr. Attila Varga at Diamond Congress, e-mail .


    In October the weather is very changeable and on long term unpredictable. One week (or just days) it is as if it were summer ("Indian summer": warm and sunny days), on the next ones all kind of precipitation may occur from drizzles and rains through mist, fog and early mornings even hoarfrost. Some averages:

    Daily temperature 11-13 Celsius

    Early afternoons 16-18

    During the nights 4-6

    (cloudless nights) even subzero

    The number of sunny hours: 5-6/daily One-two rainy days are expected in during this week. It is recommended to bring your mackintosh/umbrella and water-resistant shoes. Nevertheless: we hope to have a number of sunny days and beautiful views of Lake Balaton and to see the autumn colors of the forest in Tihany.


    Arrival to Hotel Kastély is possible by car and by bus. We have organized two buses that shall take the participants from Budapest to Tihany. The schedule of the first bus is fixed as follows:

    ISMD 2000 Bus No. 1 :
    departs at 13:00 from:

    Budapest Ferihegy 2B airport at 13:00
    -> picks up participants at 14:00 also from before
    Hotel Mercure Buda ,
    Budapest I., Krisztina Krt 41-43,
    Tel: (+36 1) 356 63 33,
    -> arrives to Hotel Kastély, Tihany at about 16:30

    The schedule of the ISMD 2000 Bus No. 2 was finalized based on your feed-back regarding your arrival schedule
    Bus 2 departs

    Budapest Ferihegy 2B airport at 17:00
    -> picks up participants at 18:00 also from before
    Hotel Mercure Buda ,
    Budapest I., Krisztina Krt 41-43,
    Tel: (+36 1) 356 63 33,
    -> arrives to Hotel Kastély, Tihany at about 20:45

    The ISMD buses shall pick up the registered ISMD 2000 participants without charge. A person with a ISMD 2000 sign shall collect the participants at the Information Desk on the arrival side of both Ferihegy 2 airports and show them to the bus. Participants accommodated at Hotel Mercure Buda should find the bus themselves, before their hotel. The bus shall carry a ISMD 2000 sign as well.

    Please send us your planned arrival and departure schedule (thanks to those who already did so), and let us know if you have further requests. As an alternative, you may try to use public transportation. We suggest the following: If you arrive by air, take an Airport Minibus from the airport to Nepstadion Busz palyaudvar or Nepstadion bus station in English. (This can be booked in the Baggage Claim area of the Ferihegy II airports, costs 1500 HUF or 5 USD). From the Nepstadion bus station, take one of the regular country buses to Tihany, or take the subway (Line 2, red) to one of the Keleti pu or Deli pu railway stations, using the updated bus and train schedule , valid on the days of arrival.


    Participants will be located in the resort complex consisting of Hotel Kastely, Hotel Park and Hotel Strand. The address of this resort complex is

    Hotels Kastély, Park and Strand
    H - 8237 Tihany, Fürdötelepi utca 58
    Tel: (+36 87) 488 611 (International)
    Tel: (+36 87) 488 086 (International)
    Tel: (+36 87) 488 087 (International)
    Tel: (06 87) 488 611 (etc, from Hungary)

    Presently the resort complex is slightly overbooked and we have reserved the necessary additional accommodation at the neighbouring Guest House of the Institute for Limnology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Housing is overseen and confirmed by Mr. Attila Varga of Diamond Congress, e-mail .

    Please try to arrive on Mon, Oct 9, for the ISMD 2000 Welcome Party starting at 20:30. Departure is scheduled for Sun, Oct 15, with the last talk ending at 12:15, and two conference buses leaving for Budapest at 12:45. Sessions will be held from Tuesday, Oct 16 in the morning to Sunday, June 21 in the morning.


    The topics of the workshop will be a comparison of "Multiparticle Dynamics" observed in the hadronic final states of all types of high energy collisions, from e+e- to heavy ion reactions. A larger than usual fraction of the speakers have been invited from the heavy ion community and an extra day has been added to cover in detail the recent experimental results of Pb+Pb collisions at CERN SPS and Au +Au collisions at the newly started RHIC accelerator at BNL. We reserved time for both formal and informal discussions throughout the meeting. No evening sessions, neither parallel sessions, nor poster sessions are foreseen. The time for some of the contributions had to be reduced substantially.
    The preliminary scientific program is available. The preliminary list of participants is also available. We have at the moment about 110 registered participants.


    A searchable interactive database of ISMD 2000 abstracts of the contributed or proposed talks is available, and can now be accessed without password protection. The abstracts can be searched by title, name or country of the submitter or by the topic i.e. the acronym of the ISMD 2000 session where the abstract was submitted for presentation. A printed book of abstracts will be part of the registration package.


    The proceedings will be published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Ltd. and a copy will be sent to all participants. The deadline for submission of camera-ready manuscripts will be January 20, 2000. Page allocation per speaker and format required by the publisher will be handed out to speakers during the workshop.


    Thanks to those participants, who transferred their fees in advance. By now, they should have received an acknowledgement of the received amount by e-mail. If this has not arrived yet, you are kindly requested to contact the conference organizers at Registration will be available after the arrival of Bus 1 to Hotel Kastely on Mon, Oct 15, 2000, from about 15:00. The registration for late arrivals shall be available during the whole conference period.


    We recommend that you change your currency to Hungarian Forints (HUF) upon arrival. This can be done e.g. in the arrival halls of Ferihegy II international airports. There is a large number of ATM -s scattered all over Budapest, including both Ferihegy IIA and IIB airports. Expenses related to ISMD 2000 can be payed upon arrival to the meeting in HUF (cash) or in USD, or by the major international credit cards, advance payments were possible by bank transfer to the ISMD 2000 account or by credit cards. You may estimate the exchange rates using the free Universal Currency Converter . Do not exchange too much money, you will get full board during the Workshop. Please save the receipt of your currency exchange, re-exchage e.g. from HUF to USD is possible only with teh help of this certificate. Hotel phone and minibar or other expenses can be payed to the hotel directly. Neither currency exchange, nor ATM is available at the Hotel. Nearest banks and ATM-s are available during normal working hours in the neighbouring city of Tihany and Balatonfüred, about 10 min. drive from the resort complex.


    Some of the ISMD 2000 participants may wish to stay in Budapest, before or after ISMD 2000. They are requested to make their own hotel reservations (if it was not done before). Information on a broader range of hotels in Budapest is available. In the center of the city we recommend the following hotels: Pest side, between the center of the city and the Ferihegy Airports:

    Hotel Mercure Relais Duna (***)
    Address: Budapest IX, Soroksari ut 12., H-1095
    Tel: (+36 1) 455-8300,
    Fax: (+36 1) 455-8385,

    This hotel is relatively close to both the airport and the center of the city, its normal price is 185 DEM/night for single rooms. This hotel is near to the subway line 3 (blue line).

    Hotel Mercure Buda (****)
    Address: H - 1013 Budapest I, Krisztina krt 41-43
    Tel: (+36 1) 488-8100
    Fax: (+36 1) 355-6964

    This hotel is close to Deli pu railway station (a local traffic hub) as well as to the Buda castle. Its normal price is min. 190 DEM/night for single accommodation. The ISMD Bus will stop before this hotel on its way from Ferihegy airports to Tihany. Another possibility that we can recommed is

    Hotel Sunlight (***)
    Address: H - 1121 Budapest XII, Eotvos ut 41
    Tel: (+36 1) 395 6584
    Tel: (+36 1) 395 6583
    Fax: (+36 1) 395 6582

    where a single bed room costs about 80 DEM/night. This hotel is connected to the Deli pu traffic hub with the bus line (black) 21, Hotel Sunlight is at bus stop Fulemile ut, it takes about 20 minutes to ride the bus to Deli pu. Hotel Sunlight is in the Buda hills, a bit off from the major tourist centers, in one of the green areas of Budapest with good walking possibilities and nearby excellent points of view (Budapest panorama). If you like to stay here before or after ISMD 2000, we recommend to take an airport minibus to/from this hotel, that can be booked in the baggage claim area of the Ferihegy airports or at the Hotel Reception.


    We recommend that the participants do not street-park their car at night (use hotel parking instead), do not walk alone at night, stay away from strangers offering ``good deals", try to avoid crowded places and guard their wallets/purses carefully. Clarify the prices of meals and drinks in restaurants before you place an order. If you have to take a taxi, clarify the price before you sit into the taxi cab. From the airport, we recommend to use the Airport Minibus shuttle instead of a taxi. Budapest has a relatively cheap and efficient public transportation system of buses, trolleybuses, trams and subways, however, at rush hours the fastest way of commuting is by subway and public transportation could be crowded. One line ticket presently costs 95 HUF, which must be validated on the buses or at the gates of the subway stations. A daily ticket, a Budapest card and local maps are available at major subway stations. An interactive, searchable map of Budapest is also available. We hope that the above guidelines will help you in enjoying the unique beauty of Budapest, without unfortunate interferences.


    The Ferihegy Airports are providing convenient minibus services to any part of Budapest for a reasonable price. You may chose to take such an airport shuttle to the country bus station Erzsebet ter or to one of the Deli or Keleti pu railway stations. However, there is no direct bus or train connection to Hotel Kastely from Budapest. Instead, we recommend to travel to Balatonfüred that has a good train or bus connection to Budapest. We recommend to take a taxi from Balatonfured to Tihany, as the most convenient and not overly expensive way to arrive directly to Hotel Kastely. Alternatively you may take a bus from Balatonfüred to Tihany, that will stop at the Abbacy, in the resort village of Tihany at the top of the Tihany hill and walk down to the shore into the direction of the Institute for Limnology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Hotel Kastely.

    By airport minibus:

    Conference buses are described in the beginning of this document. If you miss all the conference buses, you may call Hotel Kastely at (06 - 87 ) 448 611 from Hungary to request help from the local organizers. Alternatively, we recommed using a shared Airport Minibus between Budapest Ferihegy and Hotel Kastély, Tihany.

    By car:

    The Tihany peninsula can be reached by car following the highway M7 from Budapest. Head for Székesfehérvár, and when inicated make a left to Balatonfüred. After Balatonfüred, look for the signs to Tihany. Drive on the eastern side of the peninsula (direction Club Tihany) and slow down when reaching the Limnologiai Kutató Intézet, just after that there will be signs showing Hotel Kastély and the conference logo. From the direction of Vienna, travel on M1 in the direction of Hegyeshalom, Györ, change to Veszprém, Balatonfüred, Tihany (direction Club Tihany). On the highway M1 a vignette is required, that can be purchased at almost every gas/petrol stations. Payment is not required on the highway M7.


    A welcome party will be organized on Monday evening, a concert on Friday and a banquet on Saturday. A half-day excursion will take place on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The resort complex has excellent walking and excursion possibilities. Ping-pong tables and a tennis yard will be available, as well as a bar for informal discussions during the evenings.


    Transportation shall be organized similarly to the arrival schedule. Two buses are scheduled to leave at 12:45 on Sun, Oct 16, 2000 from the front of Hotel Kastely. Possible earlier departure for those who need to catch an earlier flight or train from Budapest is possible with the help of a combination of buses and trains. The organizers recommend to share Airport Minibuses between a couple of participants for the transportation between the Tihany hotels and the Ferihegy Airports, to be coordinated by the representatives of Diamond Congress.

    If you have not yet done so, please inform us about your planned arrival and departure schedule, and in particular, if your travel plans change .

      Looking forward to a stimulating and fruitful meeting,
      Looking forward to seeing you in Tihany soon,
      Best regards,

      T. Csörgö and W. Kittel,
      the organizers,
      Á. Horváth, S. Hegyi, G. Jancsó P. Lévai and A. Ster
      for the local organizing committee. .

      Elizabeth Fritz, K. Láng and A. Varga,
      for the ISMD 20000 Secretariat .

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